• Have Children, But Still Want The Interior Of Your Home To Look Fantastic? Here’s an How to “Meet in the Middle” Regarding Interior Design When You’ve Got a Family

    If you have an active family, you must realize you’re going to have to sacrifice some of your decorating plans. Of course, you don’t want your house to look like an after-care school room, but it is possible to meet in the middle. It’s no fun to have a home full of nice things that you’re frequently terrified will get ruined. You can still have a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, elegant design with children. But you may not be able to have Scalamandre throw pillows at $450 each. Here’s how to create a family-friendly design for inside the home.

    Do consider how you really live: A room that looks beautiful but doesn’t take into account the demands of everyday family life will quickly be destroyed. Instead, incorporate a decorating style that will withstand the typical scenarios that happen in the home with children. Consider who you live with and decorate accordingly.

    Don’t wait to decorate: Many families hold off on decorating until their children are older, because they don’t want to waste money on furniture that will get ruined. However, even the youngest children benefit from living around fine things; they grow to appreciate and respect them. So go ahead and create a home the whole family can enjoy. Whatever decorating style you choose, though, low-maintenance is a must.

    Don’t be afraid of color, pattern, or texture: You’re going to have to re-think the silk sofa you want. It’s wise to go for a sofa with lots of color, a pattern, and a texture. To camouflage stains, you’ll need all the help you can get, and that’s the best way to do it. It will cover up spills, fingerprints, marker, Capri sun juice. When it comes to paint choices, keep in mind that color appears lighter on larger surfaces, so go a shade deeper.

    Do choose indestructible materials and finishes.

    Walls take a beating with young ones around. Personal items and toys are casually tossed against white baseboards. Bedroom doors become backboards for basketball practice. That’s why wipeable paint is a must. You can’t go wrong with eggshell, satin or semigloss, which clean up with a damp sponge. If you opt for drapes over blinds, be sure that the bottoms of them just barely touch the ground. Long drapes that pool on the floor are a hazard for tripping. Fo for wipeable wood blinds or roman shades. When it comes to fabric, splurge on washable slipcovers or zip-off cushion covers.

    For entries, hallways and family rooms, look for flooring that cleans up with a damp mop. Tile, wood, laminate and linoleum work well. Rustic, pre-distressed hardwood floors with a matte, nonskid finish are very forgiving. Wall-to-wall carpet provides padding for crawlers and unsteady walkers but is difficult to keep looking good.

    Don’t scrimp on furniture: It may seem paradoxical, but when you have children, it makes sense to buy the best-made furniture you can afford. Look for heavy, solid furnishings constructed with hardwood. The cheap furniture you may be tempted to make do with, on the other hand, will most likely wind up broken, battered and taking up space in a landfill within a few years, making it no bargain at all.

    Above all, don’t forget to carve out areas in common rooms for children to do the things they enjoy. After all, part of making your home family-friendly is welcoming kids (and their stuff) into shared spaces instead of relegating them to bedrooms and basements. Keep furnishings on the spare side while your brood is young to preserve space for play. If your family likes games, set up a game table and chairs in a corner of the family room, or opt for a large coffee table that everyone can gather around on game night.





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